Turning Point: Doomed Society 87

doomedsociety87 Well, it’s Easter today. Nothing but chocolate, bunnies, and stigmata. This year, it falls on 4/20, which is Hitler’s birthday. Oh yeah, and that stupid fucking stoner holiday. Continue reading

By A Thread: Doomed Society 86


Eh up, ya fucks! I’m back at you with yet another new episode of pure chaos, filth, pain, and destruction (although not necessarily in that order). Continue reading

Gasping For Breath – Doomed Society 85


Ahoy there, fuckos.

Sorry to the three of you who were sad that there was no episode last week. Continue reading

AHNA/Cetascean Record Is Now Out


The exciting news is that the split LP is now out! I will have my copies on Sunday after the HEAD HITS CONCRETE/CETASCEAN/WAKE show at Tubby Dog (oh yeah, I hope you fuckers make it out to this!). I won’t be selling my copies at the show, because touring bands survive on merch sales.

I’m building a webstore, which will launch on Sunday or Monday. If you live in Calgary and want a copy of the record, I hope to have some in some of our finer local record shoppes within the week. Or – please feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll sell it to you in person!

Labels – I still need someone to co-release the FTFG 7″. Get at me!

Okay, new episode on Sunday. See you then!

Nation On Fire: Doomed Society 83


Hey all! New week, new episode. Continue reading

Walking Death: Doomed Society 82


Hey fuckos!

Check it – it’s a pretty good one this week, if I may say so myself.
Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself! Continue reading

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